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5 Exclusive Benefits of Self Publishing a Book

Have you written a book and don’t have adequate funds to publish it? No worries, you can self-publish your book in the modern world and can get it recognized worldwide. Self publishing has plenty of benefits over publishing the book through a publisher. By self publishing your book, you can enjoy several benefits as mentioned below.

  1. Greater Royalty Charges: Generally, you receive 15% to 20% of total revenue as royalty, when you publish your book through the conventional publishers. If you are self publishing your book, then you can receive higher percentage of royalty or even retain all the revenues earned from the sale of your book. Thus, you experience good monetary gains. Moreover, you even need not pay the charges of the professional book publisher for publishing it.
  2. Greater catch on time for your book: Generally books are said to have a shelf life when published through book seller and publisher. Online book publishing serves to be the best option that doesn’t have specific shelf life. You can opt for publishing your book all by yourself, by developing a digital book that can be promoted and sold forever without any shelf life.
  3. Complete Control and Rights to Manuscripts: By self publishing a book you can maintain complete control over various crucial things like design, content and book promotion. Similarly, you can even possess all rights to your developed manuscripts. Thus, you enjoy a full control over your book creation while publishing it.
  4. Explore Exclusive Markets: By going for online book marketing, you can explore influential markets that a reputed professional publisher may miss out. On account of your exclusive specialization in a specific area and your dedication for publishing your book, you can exploit a variety of effective markets with your book.
  5. Bypass the Professional Publishers: Self publishing a book may have more positive chances of achieving success since you are more devoted to the technique of publishing the book than a professional publisher, who has got thousands of different books to publish.

Thus, it is certain that the self publishing technique has several benefits over the other publishing techniques, in the recent times.

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