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Our Flag Of Freedom
Just wish to share my thoughts:
I have been hearing many people post about the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Let me just say, you can stand up for your country, or you can give away all your freedom and rights. Men, woman, and young kids went to war, many died and never had a chance to enjoy the freedom we all enjoy. When the wars were over one solitary flag flew proud in the sky, it was hated by many who wanted to see the destruction of our great country. Yet it was always honored by those who carried it into battle, it stood as a sign that our country was worth defending, and even dying for. Today many have come from around the globe, bringing with them their traditions, their faiths, and their families. They came to build a new life, in a free land. One without the likes of dictatorship, hardship and evil. One where their voices could finally be heard, and their goals could finally be achieved. However, they soon became homesick for their own land, and soon wanted to change the laws, the traditions, and even the faith that has kept America strong. Look on your money,(IN GOD WE TRUST) has for many Americans been the standard and the faith that we all share. You can have any kind of faith in this great land, and still they say our own Christian faith offends them. What they fail to see is, that this is a nation free of oppression, free of tyranny, and one that follows a law that is held by many as our law. Our flag, rather you like it or not, is a standard for America. It shows the world that we are not afraid to stand up for our freedom, it shows that we have suffered many trials and tribulations, and survived. It displays a people of honor, and sacrifice, and is a beacon of hope to all who travel toward it as it flies proudly in the sky.
When you look up and see it there you know America is still a great nation of free people.
You see the blood of our fathers, our mothers, our children who made the sacrifice to keep us free.
You see the struggle of a small nation who pursued, happiness, liberty from oppression, and hope in a creator who gave them a future.
A day came when some did not want Gods word in schools, they did not want our children praying, or exercising their right to have faith. It offended their children, and they did not want their kids brainwashed as I have heard them say.
It was not long before they wanted Christ out of Christmas, and the Bible out of class, no prayer, no faith and no God.
Now they want our kids to not have honor for the very flag that is suppose to be the standard for America. Look at the schools today, even teachers cannot control the children, and they say it is the parents fault. They have a hard time even teaching, or getting the respect they would like to get. I for one served in the military, I am proud of my country, and I love my flag flying high in the sky. When i see it I think of my dad who fought in the wars, and he is a hero. he loved this country just like I do and we pledged our allegiance, not to a piece of colored cloth. But to our country, our home, our land. A land where we could always worship if we pleased, we could say whatever we wished, and we could always defend our right to freedom. Now tell me do you honor this country, do you honor our men and woman who gave us freedom? God have mercy on us if we now turn our backs on this great land and the standard that has always gave us hope in the face of war, tribulation and uncertainty.
Yes we need to stand up for something, or fall for it all. God never gave up on me and when i see the American flag flying, I remember to give thanks to the God who gave me life in this country. You are not forced to live here, and if you think or laws and customs are not for you...please by all means move to where you feel more at home. PS. We will not hand over our freedom lightly, and we will stand when our country is in trouble, never forget this one little fact, WE ARE AMERICANS AND IN GOD WE WILL ALWAYS TRUST!!!

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