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“I am going to give you one more chance, to deny this one you call Lord.” These were the words of an evil tyrant, who threatened them with his sword.

They kept the faith and trusted God, even knowing that they would die. One by one, they would to lay down their lives, never stopping to ask, God why.

Some were thrown to the lions, while others were ran thru with the spear. Yet in their darkest moments, they believed that God was near.

They were burned at the stake while their children watched all the horrors they would have to see. They were told to reject the Son of God, if they wanted to go free.

Yet nothing would break their solid faith, nothing could make them fold. They were given a sure foundation, which was far richer then silver or gold.

Their sights were set on a heavenly city, the place they have longed to be. Where God would always watch over them, and Jesus they would see.

No whippings, rods, or crucifixions could make them lose their way. They knew in death they would live again, to be with Jesus that very day.

It angered those who did not believe, even kings who were born to rule. They said; “what is the matter with these stubborn people, what makes them act like a fool.”

Yet as they came to their moment of truth, they would gladly accept their fate. Even as they were tormented and beaten, their enemy they refused to hate.

While the flames encircled their bodies, their eyes would close at last. Then all their pain and torment would be forever in their past.

There awaiting these precious saints, was Jesus to welcome each one. Tears of joy began flowing in heaven, as they heard Him say, “Well done.”

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Comment by Gerald Bergeron on December 5, 2012 at 12:08am

Yes and that will be a day of celebration for all the saints praise God.

Comment by Marilynn Dawson on December 4, 2012 at 11:44pm

Amen, so may we hear such words for ourselves when God calls us home.

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