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East By Edith Pattou


Overall Rating: A Enchanting Must Read

I’ve seen this book in the libraries at school and even advertised online. And always wanted to get it and finally came to the conclusion that was one day it would not be sitting on my door step and broke down and bought it

The book is East by Edith Pattou. It; has a picture of a teenaged girl walking along side of a polar bear, and it has a catchy write up that said that a bear comes to heal Rose’s family in return if she would go with him. If this writer had a good imagination, I knew it would be great, but if she/he didn’t it would be a loss.

Yet it turns out that the book really is just a retelling of the fairy tale East Of The Sun and West Of The Moon. It’s kind of the Norwegian version of The Beauty and the Beast. It is a expanded version of the story and it was I have to say done really well. It’s really does start simple told through multiple point of views from the main characters in the story. It’s what I call the Poison Wood Bible treatment. And it worked great with this.

So Rose is a wild girl who was born of the north (which mean she’s destined to go on adventure) but her over protective mother keeps this secret. Yet as time goes on, the farm and family has the worst luck ending with Rose’s sister becoming dreadfully ill and the family being kicked off of the property with no food or money. That’s when a great polar bear comes. He comes and say she will healed, luck will come to the family if he can take Rose with him. Rose agrees.
Rose is taken to a great castle that is empty of people. There are no windows to the outside. There are all the vanities and pleasure she could ever want. There is just her and the bear hp seems some what human even thou she can’t put her finger on it.
She must stay at least one year for some reason. A stranger her bedroom at night. When curiosity gets the best of her she had a peak to find that it’s a young man. But once she discover this, a troll queen breaks in and steals him away.

With this in mind Rose travels to save him.
It’s a fairy tale that is simple but epic. It’s there with my top favorite fantasies. I hat to be stereo typical but it is a girl book though. We like these sort of enchanting love story fantasies for the same reason that we like the movies like Stardust and The Princess Bride. So I call out to every girl read it. Guys you might not like it much, but I could be wrong.
And what is there bad to say? Nothing really For what it is the book is over all perfect.

Four Smoothies Out Four

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