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This is fun for me. At about the same time I finish the last part of "An Amish Home", I get to re-visit the first chapter of my first story, "An Amish Journey".

"Rest on Grace" is the conclusion of "An Amish Home". Over the course of writing this, the story seemed to find its own direction. Everything kept coming back to the little girl, Ruth. We each have our own story of faith. This story was no different in that respect. The father, Allan, had his faith tested repeatedly and each time it became more difficult. I wish I had half the conviction that my main character does.

In Volume 8 –Rest on Grace, a life hangs in the balance. After the events of Volume Seven: The Fall, Allan Howarth faces the greatest test of his faith since coming to Karsten Field. In the end, it will all rest on grace and this Amish home will never be the same.

If you use Kindle, please have a look -

It is also on Nook and Kobo.

While you are over on Amazon, please look at Volume 1 of "An Amish Journey". My publisher recently made it available on audiobook. Hearing it read gives the story a whole new life. I found a kind of energy that I don't get from re-reading what I have already written.

The audiobook can be found here -

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