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Sometimes, we are faced with the inexplicable. Sometimes, things do not go as we planned.

That does not mean that there is not something better waiting on the other side.

In "An Amish Home Volume 7 – The Fall", one of those things happens.

Young Ruth and her brother venture off into the woods for some innocent and much needed play time. What happens next is almost a tragedy and Ruth receives an ominous message from the mysterious figure that some have called her guardian angel.

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Come for a visit to Karsten Field with these Biblically inspired stories of home and family.

Best-selling author George Michael Loughmueller goes back to Karsten Field for a new serialized novel. Almost eight years after his journey began, Allan and Mary now have two children, Benjamin and Ruth, in their Amish Home.

In Volume 7 –The Fall, Ruth and her brother Benjamin explore the woods near their home. The short trip becomes a journey of discovery. Will it reveal Ruth’s connection to her mysterious guardian angel, Isaac, or will the journey end in tragedy?

For Allan, it may give him a new understanding of his daughter. But he also has his hands full with his good friend Ben Abrim. The octogenarian has a special announcement that surprises Allan and everyone in Karsten Field.

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