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Have Your Book Reach the Shelves Effortlessly with Smart Publishing Methods

Worries about book publishing start flooding an author’s mind once he is done with giving the final touches to his book in the form of editing and fool proofing. But, if you want the publishing part to be as smooth as a feather like the way you penned down your book with ease, follow these few simple steps:

Easy Tips on Book Publishing -

  1. Self-publishing: If you want to avoid all the hassles of contacting book agents, publishers, and other concerned parties, you may go for self-publishing your book. You may go for print publishing, but online book publishing in the form of an EBook is the easiest. A manuscript written is in the word format. All you have to do is convert it into a PDF file as per your size requirements. With the help of some basic Photoshop tactics, you can design a cover page or ask somebody to do it for you.
  2. Unique Title: One way to attract the maximum no. of buyers for your book is by creating a title that is unique and triggers curiosity to dig further. Even if you don’t have the best of content in your book, impactful titles will help your book pick few sales in the initial stage of book marketing. However, do not copy or mimic titles of popular, high-selling authors as it tends to show you in bad light. You look like a cheap wannabe when you do such things.
  3. Perfect Editing: Many good authors get rejected by publishers not because their titles or content is not good but because there are a lot of grammatical, typographical, and sentence structural errors in it. No matter how imaginative you are or how interesting your story is, a poorly edited material shows your naivety. So, you do all the hard work and bad editing spoils the game. Never let that happen.  Edit all your work accurately either yourself or from a senior editor before sending to the publisher.
  4. Propose to Many Publishers: If you send your manuscript to only one or two publishers and then wait for them to select it, you are committing a grave mistake. Publishers get hundreds of copies every day, and so the probability of your manuscript getting selected is less. When you send your copy to as many book publishing companies as possible on the internet as well as in print publishing industry, it is highly likely that someone will like it and may contact you.

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