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Haven’t You Gone the Ebook Way Yet?

Which book did you read lately? ‘Is it a paperback or a hardback?,’ is the question you usually ask. But, this trend is outdated. Most people prefer reading an ebook nowadays.

Though the era of actual books hasn’t died out completely and will never do so, ebooks have gained much prominence in people’s lives today. Ebooks are electronic (usually word or PDF) versions of actual paper books. The content is the same. The look is the same, but the feel is different. You don’t have to turn pages but scroll them. You can read them while carrying out your other tasks on your PC or laptop.

You can also read one such on the go either on the laptop or mobile phone. Technology has advanced so much that smart phones enable easy and quick reading of the pages of a book.  An Ebook is the smartest and the most convenient way to read a book nowadays. Smart phones with larger display screens are the best way to read a book. You don’t really have to strain your eyes.

If you are an author, and you wish that your book should be read by the maximum no. of people, make sure you have its electronic version that is published on the internet. This is a sure shot way to grab visibility and increase its readership. Ebook marketing is one of the most common and simplest form of marketing nowadays.

One of the ways of smart ebook marketing is by way of enabling the readers an easy search and accessibility of the book title under question. You may promote your book effectively by letting people download it easily. You don’t have to promote your book for free. By letting people purchase and download it, you will ensure that you benefit in monetarily by this mode of Ebook promotion. There are a number of websites that promote and sell ebooks. You may contract with these ebook websites to effectively promote your book across a wide audience.

An Ebook display on websites is an easy way to spot the book of your choice rather than searching through heaps of books in a library. Libraries have a charm of their own, but ebook websites are much more convenient and time-saving. You don’t take that much time searching for an ebook as these are sorted author-wise and category-wise. Many popular Ebook directories can be found online. All you need is register and purchase the book of your choice.

As an author, you may have your books in all the libraries across the city or on every book stall. But, don’t expect your readership to grow unless you have a web presence in the form of an ebook. One way to generate viewer’s interest in an ebook is by way of promoting them on free ebooks websites. If you want to generate income, then you may showcase an abstract of your book or some interesting excerpts to be read freely by readers. If these are really engaging, it will prompt viewers to buy them. The result is that you become popular, and your book gets promoted well through the E mode.

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