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"Your life changes when you meet people." - Sterling Valentine

I want to encourage the authors and publishers on this Book Marketing Network to work together to help each other to sell more books. That's the main reason I created this network in the first place.

There are so many ways that you can help each other. For example, I wrote an article on 30 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love - Most of those ways apply not only to your friends but also to authors helping each other.

In addition, you can do joint ventures, Amazon Bestseller Campaigns, blog tours, and more.

Please use this forum right here to list your requests for partners as well as your responses or offers to help other authors.

You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you work together rather than alone.

For example, I'd love to see a fiction writers co-op promotion where each novelist promotes the other members in the co-op on their blog or website or social network. Tweet about each other. Like each others' Facebook page. Do joint blog tours.

Poets can do the same thing. So can business book authors. Spiritual authors. Christian authors. Cookbook authors. Etc.

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It looks like a good series, however, you need to invest in a professional cover design. Covers DO sell. That said, once you are ready I suggest, since it is a children's book, that you consider becoming a member of Skype An Author and market to schools and libraries.


Again, what is your marketing plan? Without one you are dead in the water, so-to-speak.


Ginger Marks, Author & Publisher

Presentational Skills for the Next Generation

OK Ginger...thnx for this...but was wondering what was wrong with the new cover...seen it? Trying to cut cost on friends and anyone who'd seen it says its great, don't you?


I hope I can call you that; as a publisher I see a lot of authors try to cut corners on the one piece that will make or break their book sales. Your old cover was definitely in need of improvement, and I commend you for taking action. This one is better, but ...


Take a look at covers from authors who are New York Times Best Sellers in your category (not just Amazon - you can sell one book in a specific hour and still be an Amazon Best Seller, shh don't tell anyone I told you that. LOL). That will give you an idea of what people buy.


Ginger Marks, Author & Publisher

Presentational Skills for the Next Generation

Your book cover doesn't do your book justice. It has possibilities, but the type is unreadable at Amazon and normal book site sizes. Plus, the cover doesn't have an integrated or designed look. It looks like it's been thrown together by an amateur.

I don't mean to be harsh, but a book's cover - in today's online world - is often all people see when they are deciding whether or not to buy a book.

I think the image is promising. The type needs work. And the cover has to feel or look like it's been designed.

John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

OK John, thnx for this, but just doing what I can with what I have, that's all...maybe I'll do a better cover in the future...
Glad you both say the cover has promise, though...about the type...maybe a bolder one? Aerial Black? But really, have seen smaller types on best sellers...was trying to bring in a fantasy-like feel to the cover through the type...

Thank you for your comments Mr. John Kremer, LoL!! The man that did the cove for book was from Mirror Publication in Milwaukee, WI. This one of my first book he did for me. I was with BookSurge, LLC, They did my first and use my own design for my book cover, in fact I put the book togther and then they cut my book into a very small book and charge me an arm and leg as a self publishing ,They put my book on no sales on the book.  When I had booksigning my book sold and the old book is still there with my new book. This publishing company only do children books. I'm more an Illustrator then writer for children books, My Illustration tell stories of my character Sparkles. I wanted the children to read the story, I have  DC them song, story telling about Sparkles.

 I'm new to this . Thank you again. Please go to Sparkles Clown of Many Moods. You can see the differnce of desing cover and publisher design. I down a children play about Sparkles story from my book, I still 15 more adventurs in manuscript Hello!! I have the money to work for now and a back surgery  haave trouble getting around I work at home Ineed help getting my books in the rigtht way.


John I am a great proponent of this approach. I have encouraged authors who have produced book trailers with me to also promote each other's books when they are in a similar genre. This kind of cross promotion can really enhance your visibility. Find some partners and promote.


Oooo, book trailers! These are 'awesome' marketing tools-when they are done professionally. *smile* Welcome.

Ginger Marks, Author & Publisher

Presentational Skills for the Next Generation

Ginger - See the offer I just made below. If you would like to submit a business related blog article. Also please see our book trailers at .

Hi John.  I would be glad to help promote other children's christian books on my website, facebook, etc.  I would also consider other books and I could set up a page for other genres.   I agree each author who writes in a specific genre could start as a group helping each other - maybe even with book reviews.  There are alot of things we can do to promote and help each other in this industry.    Thank you for your suggestion and settting up this site.


If anyone is interested, please respond.   I will certainly do my part. 

Hey Everyone! I'm about to launch my new children's picture book, Sunbelievable--would love to share launch ideas, blog posts, etc., with children's book authors, librarians, parents, bloggers, marketers! I like John's idea of helping each other! Launch planned for mid-late September


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