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Carolyn Sue Morris
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  • Huntington, IN
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Author Events & Bookstore Problems For Self-Published Authors
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Started this discussion. Last reply by J. Steve Miller Aug 24, 2009.

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At 1:08pm on March 26, 2010, Kate L gave Carolyn Sue Morris a gift
I just wanted to introduce myself and my blog, The Book Buff: Book Reviews for Regular People. Check it out at
At 3:59pm on October 2, 2009, John Cmint said…
Hi Carolyn,

Congratulations on your new book and newspaper article. It's great when your hard work is acknowledged :) I just wanted to mention to you a website I built called It's for authors to promote their book. You do so by posting your book's first chapter, giving readers a peek into your book. The site is free and the list of books is growing, so please check it out. :) BTW, good luck with your book!

p.s. You can also check out this blog post on the Already Published Ning Network, I explain how to post your book. You can also learn more about the website there.

At 11:05am on September 30, 2009, Paradise said…
Here is one of my best fans and what she wrote on Amazon.
Most recent post: You can get her name here and then talk to her on Facebook.

In reply to an earlier post Georgia Akin
Rinnie, I have a wonderful suggestion for you! I have read these books, and they are awesome! Here is a little bit about them.
They are called "The Paradise Series" by Dr. Robert E.McGinnis. There are five books to the series:
1. A Beckoning To Paradise 2. Secrets Of Paradise 3. Paradise Is Where You Find It 4. Paradise Grows
5. Raised In Paradise
A young man is called by his guiding spirit to return to the land of his parents to help his people with modernization and to establish order in the lives of several different groups living in a wide range of conditions. At first his past is unknown to him because he was deserted as a baby and raised by non-family members who were unaware of his origination. The main character, Harry Raven is guided by spiritual forces that are not always apparent, but seem to offer clues and help at the right time and place. Harry Raven leaves a wonderful job in a big city to become the leader of two different Indian tribes, one ancient and one modern. When his connection to the two tribes is revealed, he will bring the two together in a way that is beneficial to both.
At 11:03am on September 30, 2009, Paradise said…
Work to me is play. I am laying a tile floor and I just pretend the tile are toy blocks and it is fun. I usually get in just after dark each day and then begin writing. Speaking about writing, are you trying to develope a fan club outside of the Internet. These can be very halpful and I don't mind if you contact some of my fans on Facebook. If you look around there you might figure out who likes my books.
At 2:40pm on September 29, 2009, Paradise said…
I got a friend's invitation from Anelina Roberts but declined because I couldn't find much information on her activities. Then I say you my friend and said, I better say hello. Your real friend.
At 8:29pm on September 5, 2009, J. Steve Miller said…
I think what you're going through is pretty normal. As a young youth minister, I ran into problems using contemporary music with my youth. So I did some research and writing on the subject. I thought about pursuing putting it into book form and sent a copy of my writing to three people I respected. Not hearing anything back, I assumed that either I wasn't saying anything important, or I wasn't communicating it well. So, I dropped it. Then, years later, one of the people, a college president, wrote me to say he'd lost the paper and wanted to know if I'd send him another copy. He said that the college was in turmoil about the music issue and my paper was the best thing he'd seen written on it!

Well, that encouraged me to go ahead and write the book, which was eventually published in 1993 and is still selling well today. Scary to think that I took their not writing back about the manuscript as a sign that it wasn't any good.

That's all to say that it's hard for us to judge our own work. I suppose that's why Solomon said that there was safety in "many counselors", not just a few. I recommend people to get their chapters out to as many people as they can - friends, an English teacher, members of a writing group, etc. Ask them for honest input. If some don't like it much, that's okay. Not everybody's going to like your style. But get their specific input anyway - "What would make it better?" Use your own wisdom to separate the personal opinion from great insights.

Typically, I think that the only way we knew if our writing is good is by getting it into the hands of a lot of people and getting a lot of specific feedback. When enough people honestly say, "That's really good!" then we have good evidence that we're on the right track.

And by the way, I've found that people are honored to let them look over my stuff. Makes them feel smart and needed. Don't hesitate to ask people.

Does that make sense?
At 6:35am on August 23, 2009, J. Steve Miller said…
Did you ever find writing contests for self-published authors? I was researching them last week. I think most of the ones I narrowed down are open to anyone, although each seems to have its own charge. I blogged about it here:
At 8:29am on August 16, 2009, Paradise said…
Carolyn. I just sent you an email through my book email service, I just wanted to reinforce what I was telling you about getting the word out. Take a look at my icon here, avatar or ID as I like to call it and this will give you an idea of what I was talking about. First, we have to get people commenting and talking. Eventually, they will track you down, find your books and realize they have a treasure with your site. I have made tons of friends in the reading public, once they have read my book, found my email, they become volunteer partners in selling my book. Each successful and content book reader who likes your work, will become a marketing sales person for you. I have made new and good friends from California to New Jersey and of course on in Huntington, who have come to my side in promoting my books. If they like what they read, they will want all of their friends and family to read it too.
Good luck, Dr Robert E McGinnis, author of the Paradise Series. (see what I was talking about?)
At 11:19am on August 12, 2009, Paradise said…
You asked why I didn't talk to her that day. Good question. I was in the stands and she was in the field, the closest I got was when the band disbursed and they went under the stadium. I stood at the ramp hoping she might see me. I don't remember if she did or not, but maybe we said a word or two, but that I can't say for sure. I am heading over to FB to confirm your (our) friendship. See ya there.
At 6:01am on August 12, 2009, Paradise said…
Great, I am glad you had the nerve to call Ann and Keith. She and I went to the first grade together almost seventy years ago and then at the end of that year, I moved away. I didn't see her again until we were in H S and then by chance I saw her in a marching band of the Collinsville IL H S band at a football game. No words were spoken and then I did not see her again until around 1970 about thirty years after the first grade. He father had died, now keep in mind, we lived a thousand miles apart and I had not seen her since that time she walked by in the band about 1951 or 2. But, I was married, three kids and living in St Pete FL and as my mind often does, I had a flash back of a memory which showed me two street signs. The funny thing about the street signs in my memory, is they were not black and white like they were when I saw them as a kid, they were green and reflective like they were in 1970. The street signs brought to me thoughts of her in distress.
I had no idea where she lived or who she might be married to, but my intuition told me to send a letter addressed to her maiden name and the corner of those two streets, (Marie and Keebler). I never heard anything back for a couple months, but one day I got a phone call (she hates writing letters) from her in a state of shock from my letter. The letter had been carried past the street corner by the local mailman who saw there was no house near by and remembered he had seen that last name before, but it was way across town. He readdressed the envelope and sent it to the only name in town that he thought might know the person to which it was addressed. It happened to be her brother, the only living relative left in Collinsville, everyone else had moved away. Back to the phone call. She told me that the letter came at a time when she had been very depressed over the loss of one of her parents. As a six year old I had seen both her parents, her Polish father, would sit on the front steps in the evening, after a long day in the coal mines and drink beer from one of those double container, food and drink miner's pail. Since that time, our families have visited a few times back and forth, but she still doesn't write and we are as close as a brother and sister can be. Both Anne and her husband are nice people, He calls her Shirley and I call her Anne and her school friends called her Anna Banana, she is highly energetic, her husband highly laid back. They had three kids of their own and three they adopted. She likes to take in strays.

But, that is a little curious history of our past and how we have stayed friends for so long.

Speaking of memories, I can remember getting my baths at a few weeks old, yes, I didn't like it.

Now, to your book selling efforts. There are a lot of things to help with the marketing. One, I make appointments to set up a table at the nearby colleges, the college kids love my books for some reason. I guess my writing is so non-threatening, they get some relaxation from it. (others might call in boring) The sedond thing is that if you like, you can put information about your book on my Facebook page, which is not big, but three or four of my readers are there as well as my family and my readers love reading self-published. I have two pages, one is under Dr Robert E McGinnis Sr and the other is under Dr Robert E McGinnis author of the Paradise Series. You are welcome to comment on both and tell about your books. I do a lot of social networking, but ninety percent of my sales come from one particular site and to mention it here on a public page would be to give up a great audience.

Good luck, the world is a better place since self-publishing came into view.

Profile Information

Something About Me and My Book:
Although I list Huntington as my home town, I have lived in many places during my life. I was born in Valparaiso, Indiana. My Mother had a passion for new places and new faces. This would lead us from Valpo to St Pertersburg, Florida, McArthur, Ohio, Jeffersonville, Indiana, then to Indianapolis, where we stayed until I was married. I have lived in northern Indiana with my husband, John, since 1965. We have two grown children. I have a passion for dogs. We share our home with Weezer & Dusty, our two little adopted Bichons.
I am a newly published author. My first book, "The Journey, The Dreams, & AnnaBelle" is a non-fiction work. It followes the lives of three generations of my family, beginning with my grandparents, Edgil & Minnie "Griffith" Wicker, in 1924. The story turns to the life of my mother, AnnaBelle, their second child, and the first daughter of fifteen children. Many were the heartbreaks and journeys of this family from the beautiful hills of Kentucky to their work in Indiana during WW II, including the suffering loss of four of their children.
AnnaBelle's life would be one of twists and turns that would lead her down some unbelievable paths in her life. She possessed the spirit of a gypsy as did her father. The book will follow my life with AnnaBelle, and then on to the choices I would make, some of which stay locked in my heart, yet haunt my soul. This first book contains some of my poetry written over an expance of forty years. I have also included timeline photos dating from the early 1900's. The poetry and photos follow the timeline of the book. I feel it helps bring the story to life for the readers.
I have completed my second manuscript, "AnnaBelle's Spirit". I have mailed it to the publisher. Now all I have to do is wait. This book is a follow up to the first, with a little more depth. I felt the story needed to be told in more detail. Readers of "The Journey, The Dreams & AnnaBelle" mentioned they felt it wasn't long enough, and that they were left with questions. There will be more photos, as I believe it is important to see the individuals you are reading about. There is no poetry in this book, except one I wrote for AnnaBelle. I know there are many that prefer not to read verse, therefore I will offer this book dealing entirely with the family.
I have listed my new website that is furnished through my publisher. I do have another that I have set up myself. Now I am blessed to have three to keep me busy. I love being a part of Book Marketing.
I have added some of the photographs from my new book, "AnnaBelle"s Spirit". I am hoping that seeing some of the family that I write about may help spark some interest. Plus, I want everyone to see AnnaBelle, my Mother, for whom all this was done. Her life was amazing. She was a beautiful person, both inside and as you can see, outside.

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Writing Contests

I am interested in finding out about writing contests for self-published authors. I'm sure they are around, at least I hope so. There are so many authors having to self-publish these days. That is, if they ever want to see their work in print. It is almost impossible to find a traditional publisher to even look at your work unless you are an established author, and you cannot become established without getting published. There are so many good writers that will go to the wayside because they… Continue

Posted on July 29, 2009 at 10:23am — 1 Comment


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