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Agent of Grace

To this day, I continue to evolve. I am coming to know my authenticity; that I am a radiant and an infinite being not bound by culture, dogma, and worldly rules that define and confine who I am. I truly trust the impulses and the calls to action that sound from deep within myself. This trust has encouraged me to step forward and serve self, community, country, and even the planet with pure love and wisdom without expectation of rewards, recognition, or reciprocal action. - See more at:…


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Sharing and Releasing

There comes a time in our lives when we come to the realization that it’s time for us to share what we’ve learned and experienced with others, and then gradually release ourselves from our attachments. This is part of our journey in life.

Being able to share is quite uplifting. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to do this with a friend of mine who invited me to get a real estate license and move back to Sedona to share a business. The things I have learned in the past were…


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The Questioning and Refining Stage of Life: Middle Years of Adulthood

I have been blessed with numerous opportunities as I lived within the laws of Grace. Between the ages of forty-one to sixty, I have been the director of a middle school program involving a caring, empowering disciplinary approach; I have written and recorded a telecourse that was chosen for national distribution and remained on the air and available for graduate credit from the University of South Dakota for eleven years; and I’ve learned how to operate a resort from the bottom-up by…


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Experiences of Grace during my Adult Life

I can vividly recall specific times in my adult life when Grace continued to support my actions. As I left my reservation home at the age of eighteen, I decided to fulfill my goal of becoming a registered nurse by attending a diploma school of nursing. It was during this time that I met my husband Ken.

It was fate, or I should say, Synchronicity, when we met during a get-acquainted dance. Ken was a senior at the local college, and he was allowed to attend the activities of student…


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Grace-filled Childhood

Looking back, I believe that my birth and the events connected with it are acts of Grace. I was actually adopted within days of my birth, and I knew very little of my biological mother. I do know that she was an unmarried fifteen-year-old high school student of Christian faith.

Several states and acts of Grace were expressed by my biological mother when I was conceived, delivered and released to my adoptive parents. She manifested the divine in birthing a radiant new soul within my…


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The 8 Acts of Grace

The Acts of Grace are the results of living within the Laws of Grace. Here they are in no particular order:

First Act of Grace: manifestation

Manifestation is the result of living our lives within the organization of Grace. By invoking Grace interlaced with love and by claiming the power of Grace, we recognize our intentions or manifest.

Second Act of Grace: clarity

We can achieve clarity of thought and action when we accept and surrender ourselves to the power of…


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The 12 States of Grace

The 12 States of Grace are the expressions of those qualities within the Laws of Grace that help us recognize and amplify the presence of Grace in our daily lives. Here are the States of Grace in no particular order:


First State of Grace: it is our birthright to call upon Grace in relationship with the power of love to manifest for the highest good. We can live within the organization of Grace when we realize that we don’t have to earn the presence of Grace and it’s just…


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The 3 Laws of Grace

What are the Laws of Grace? Here I have identified the Laws of Grace as 3 essential principles that define Grace as I have come to know it.

The First Law – Grace expresses divinity and is all-pervasive.

Recognizing Grace often begins with faith. Besides my Christian upbringing, I also had the pleasure of learning Native American spirituality from the Lakota, and it instilled in me the connectedness of all of life. Both spiritual traditions played a big role in the…


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When I was a child, I assumed that Grace was associated with Christianity. I was taught that Grace was an unearned gift given to all of us by the Creator-of-All, whether we thought we deserve it or not. However, as I grew into adulthood, I came to know that all people, regardless of their religion, history, or spiritual practices, have access to Grace, not just Christians. I came to know that since Grace is order within and beyond form, it is available for all. I remember saying this morning…


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Grace vs Faith

Okay, this article won’t be exactly about Grace “versus” Faith; it will be more like Grace “and” Faith, as they are intertwined. You see, we were usually taught by our parents to have faith in God during our childhood years when we were most impressionable. As children we learned that there is someone doing things that we could not comprehend and that we should have faith in him. In line with this, we were also taught to do good and to be compassionate to others in order to serve this higher…


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Grace vs. The Law

Okay, this time let us compare Grace with what is call “The Law” or the Law of Moses. The Law is actually quite different from Grace. Actually, calling Grace and the Law different is an understatement. They are so contrasting that comparing them is like comparing day and night.

I found this interesting article comparing Grace and the Law, and if we look at them side by side it does seem so contrasting. This is how the article compares them, “Law is God prohibiting and requiring;…


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Grace vs. Karma

Before we start, let us take a look at our two subject matters.

On one hand, Grace is seen as an unearned favor which is given to all of us whether we think we deserve it or not. It is a divine gift that can never be earned, as it is totally free and unmerited.

On the other hand, Karma refers to the principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual; Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future…


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