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~ "Between The Growl, The Roar & The Bite" ~


"Between The Growl, The Roar & The Bite"

Gregory V. Boulware
Author of "Fairmount," Terror In The Park

"The missing parts of the dead boys body was not found during the intensive search!"

This town; formerly the fourth-largest city in America; a hot-bed of sports champions and teams...the home of Champion Boxing greats, The Philadelphia Eagles in NFL Football, The 76r's in Basketball, The Philadelphia Wings in Soccer, The Philadelphia Flyers in Hockey, The Phillies in Baseball, The Taney Street Dragons Little League Baseball Team, "Philly's World Champions"; with many other fine sports teams and supporters; a strong and proud city of diverse people, Museums, Art Galleries, Restaurants of Highly Classed Cuisine(s) and Fine Culture; home to "The Rocky Statue and Balboa University." A Philly neighbor to New Jersey; across the river, is separated by the Mighty Delaware River; slicing through Philly, the Energetic and Unrelenting 'Schuylkill' River running through it; hosting many 'Sculls,' and other types of boat "Fairmount Park!"

"Villagers from 'Persiapan Lawela,' Indonesia, searched the area and found a 23 foot-long snake with a very swollen belly. The villagers killed the snake, cut it open, and found a woman inside."
The woman lived on Muna Island off the coast of Sulawesi."

When the young woman didn't return home that evening, her sister went out to find her. What she found was her sister's footprints, flashlight, slippers, and machete. The villagers were actually concerned about wild boars that continually ravaged their food production. They had been worried about them initially because they'd been destroying the villages crops and digging up the fields as well. They dug large holes decimating the roots of the planted orchards.

Reticulated pythons were known to be a common entity in the area. Pythons are the longest snake in the world and usually only eat smaller mammals. Albeit, a similar incident happened last year to a farmer from the nearby village. He too, had been swallowed whole by a giant snake. The woman probably didn't die inside the snake: A reticulated python normally secures its prey with a bite, then wraps its body around the victim, squeezing down until the victim cannot breathe, before consuming, according to many snake and reptile researchers.

The family was trapped inside of their car on a Saturday afternoon. The family had been traveling along a lonely road in the mountains of Pennsylvania. They pulled over to rest from their long trip. Lunch was in order while two of the children ran off in search of a spot to "Potty." It wasn't long before a large Grizzly came running down the hill between the trees. The kids tool off running and screaming for their parents. The huge brown bruin was fast on there tails.
They reached the rest stop along the road where they parked the car. The parents gathered as many of their possessions as possible. They hustled their children into the vehicle, leaving the basket of food behind. The foodstuffs contained fried chicken, an assortment of cold-cut sandwiches, and a full compliment of fruits, pies, juices, candies, chips, and such.
The bear attacked the car. The animal appeared to be at least five to seven hundred pounds at nearly seven to eight feet in height. It was massive! The little car shook violently, nearly tipping over several times. The beast then turned its attention away from the terrified and screaming family inside the 'Toyota.' The smell of food attracted him more then the live delicacies locked inside the metal thing on wheels.

Luck was in the favor of the people trapped inside that car. The thick, black and brown, shaggy haired monster, growled and roared back at the group of folks in the car. He then sauntered off, failing to look back at the people who supplied him the free lunch; with the basket of goodies in its jaws.

“Central Park is bordered by Central Park North at 110th Street; Central Park South at 59th Street; Central Park West at Eighth Avenue; and Fifth Avenue on the east. The park is adjacent to the neighborhoods of Harlem to the north, Midtown Manhattan to the south, the Upper West Side to the west, and the Upper East Side to the east. It measures 2.5 miles (4.0 km) from north to south and 0.5 miles (0.80 km) from west to east.
Central Park is an urban park in New York City located between the Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan. It is the fifth-largest park in the city by area, covering 843 acres (341 ha). It is the most visited urban park in the United States, with an estimated 42 million visitors annually, and is the most filmed location in the world.”

“Fairmount Park,” (rivaled only by ‘New York’s Central Park)…is Home to ‘The First National Zoo in America!’

“Fairmount Park, Philadelphia’s first park, occupies 2,052 acres (830 ha) adjacent to the banks of the Schuylkill River.
Fairmount Park is the largest municipal park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the historic name for a group of parks located throughout the city. Fairmount Park consists of two park sections named East Park and West Park, divided by the Schuylkill River, with the two sections together totaling 2,052 acres (830 ha). Management of Fairmount Park and the entire citywide park system is overseen by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, from the merger of the Fairmount Park Commission and the Department of Recreation.
Many other city parks had also been historically included in the Fairmount Park system, including Wissahickon Valley Park in Northwest Philadelphia, Pennypack Park in Northeast Philadelphia, Cobbs Creek Park in West Philadelphia, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park in South Philadelphia and 58 additional parks, parkways, plazas, squares and public golf courses spread throughout the city. The term “Fairmount Park System” is no longer used by the Parks & Recreation department, and the adjacent Wissahickon Valley Park and all other park areas are considered completely separate entities.”

The news media took the ball and ran with it. The headlines blasted the story of the attack of Czepaky and her children on the front pages of their respective papers. Television news programs portrayed the mother and her children as their leading news story. Radio news did likewise. And still they did not mention Lindsey Irvin. The zoo officials blasted Professor Rockford’s account of a creature the size and magnitude as described. “It is impossible for a bear to be roaming around in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park…even with its vast resources and acreage. A Kodiak Bear is highly unlikely to be roaming about in this part of the country. It’s the middle of November for Christ Sake…bears hibernate in the winter.” A reporter from one of Philly’s papers was hanging around after the mayor’s meeting. The reporter fired a question to the zoo official. “How do you explain the attack on the woman and her kids?” “And what about the little Black Kid that was killed a few weeks ago?” “You did say bears hibernate in the winter…what about Professor Rockford’s explanation of bears stirring and taking a walk while sleeping in the winter?” “What about the people who saw the thing…how do you explain all that?” The zoo officials walked out of the room and down the stairway to the parking area. The reporter headed towards the police commissioner who was standing just outside the Mayor’s Office, a few feet from the meeting room. He then asked the commissioner about the way the meeting was held. “Commissioner Talis, do you think the meeting was utilized for public safety or for personal gain?” Talis glared at the reporter who also attracted other reporters that were hanging about in the corridor. He thought carefully before answering, “I think the mayor knows what she is doing. However, I feel that it should have been handled a bit more privately – my concerns are public safety – public panic…especially with the upcoming walk-athons, regattas, and general park users. I’m afraid of public panic over this situation. Personal gain is not on my agenda…now if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.” The reporter fired back while pursuing the commissioner to the official user’s elevator, “what did you think about the professors’ presentation…what about the Black Kid?” The commissioner answered, “the presentation was informative…I could have gotten that stuff from the zoo people”…the elevator doors closed. The reporter, himself Black, wondered about today’s events as he double-checked his digital voice recorder. He also wondered, while walking down the stairwell of City Hall, how the family of Lindsey Irvin was dealing with the latest attack.

“Captain Willice Samuel” stood looking over the edge of the cliff, peering down onto the East river Drive. The screaming sirens of emergency vehicles filled the normally quiet environment of park life. Speeding past the stopped traffic below, the EMR vehicles made their way up the hill to the spot were the kids were playing. The Strawberry Mansion Bridge was at a standstill as was the East River Drive traffic. Nothing and no one was being allowed to move through the area. Traffic was backed up all over. Ridge Avenue was being over-crowed with the over flow of rush hour traffic. Both river drives, East and West, were backed up into the East Falls area of Midvale Avenue into Henry Avenue. The downtown out bound traffic was a mess. The local news on automobile radios reported the traffic mess as an accident in the park. They were not aware of the trouble that was amiss. Emergency vehicles were parked at the spot were the body of ‘Malcolm Xavier’ lay at bottom of the twelve hundred ft drop from the cliff of the Strawberry Mansion roadway. The first EMR personnel on the scene could not believe their eyes.

The Forrest Ranger walked over to the Police Captain and stood right in front of him and quietly requested his attention. The two men walked to another side of the search area for the private conversation. Gerald Glenn has been a Forrest Ranger for more than twenty years. Four of those years, his assignment had been the Northeastern Pennsylvania Region. Ranger Glenn knows everything about everything in the wild, from its greenery to the smallest of animals. Ranger Glenn pointed to something on the ground next to one of the Cherry Blossom trees, a print of something large was present. A few feet away in a southwesterly direction, off the roadway of Strawberry Mansion Drive, another large print was found. One of the CSI Investigators spoke to himself aloud, “What the fuck is this thing?” Ranger Glenn noticed the look on the face of the investigator. He and Captain Samuel walked swiftly to where the man was standing and staring. They joined the investigator in his bewilderment. Gerald Glenn leaned on the thick trunk of the Cherry Blossom tree and thought to himself, “I know this print…they’ll never believe me when I tell them!” The ranger walked to the other side of the drive and bent over to see the mark of something on a patch of rhododendrons. He could not believe what he was starring at. The mark on the bushes and grass gave him no room for doubt. The size of the mark and footprint was at least four times the size of the beast that Ranger Glenn was familiar with. He just didn’t know how to begin to explain exactly what kind of danger this community, this area, this city would be in if he were to be correct. The horrified look on his face was a dead giveaway to the other investigators. They wondered what it was that scared the ranger.

The larger than life beast, silhouetted by the full moonlight, burst from the thicket in hot pursuit of the inquisitive bush- searching officer. The unfrozen motorists ran for their cars. One of the female motorists became a pillar of screams. The cars attempted to flee…but could not due to the police cruisers blocking the westbound lanes of the West River Drive. The Giant Kodiak roared. The sound was deafening. It sounded like thunder and lightning as the monster crashed and cracked tree limbs with its massive frame. The beast roared again and showed its glistening seven-inch fangs that dripped with spittle and foam. It attacked the cruiser of the escaping cop while he was still in it. The cop sat in horror – screaming into the radio’s microphone. The officer never had an opportunity to draw his service weapon, glock 9mm semi-automatic handgun. The over-whelming attacker hit the driver side door with a swipe of its right tree-trunk sized arm. The thick paw housed eight-inch claws. The driver side door of the car crumpled as glass shattered from its window. The second blow from the beast ripped the door from the car completely. The door disappeared into the night. The third swipe brought the helpless cop into the jaws of the giant. The blood curdling screams of the man pierced the otherwise quiet nighttime air. Blood gushed from the mouth, ears, and eyes of the bears prey as the beast’s punch-press jaws cracked the rib cage and ripped his middle with the seven-inch fangs. The Kodiak’s jaws were massive…several thousand pounds of lightning fast jaw muscle crushed the officer’s torso like teeth cutting a potato chip. The innards were ripped out with the splashing of blood, flew everywhere as the beast began to dine. The bears mouth was so large that it enabled the envelopment of the large mans’ entire mid-section. The second cop, as were the witnessing motorists, was frozen in horror as he was forced to watch his partner being eaten alive. He fired his weapon at the beast to no avail. The officer emptied his service weapon into the back of the ravaging behemoth with no affect. The animal, annoyed at this nuisance, turned and looked at the thing that was interfering with its meal. The large red and white moonlit hate filled eyes sent ice water through the veins of the assaulting officer. The animal stood on its hind legs, looking down on the hapless being. Fifteen feet of bristled fur and muscle was too much for the eyes of the officer to drink…standing on its hind legs, the beast swung its massive paw and flipped over what was left of the dead cops cruiser. The flying car missed the surviving officer by mere inches. The police officer was frozen with fear as he starred at the glistening fangs…white as ivory, dripping blood and guts. The officer attempted to re-load his weapon while the approaching animal descended upon him. Before the cop could look up again, the mouth of the bear engulfed the human from head to waist. One bite of its vicious cavernous jaws left the lower half of the man standing…the limp remains, waist to feet, dropped to the pavement in a bloody heap. The lower half of the man was picked up by the beast with its jaws and carried off as the animal glared back at the remaining fright-filled, dumb-founded, and frozen motorists. The monster bear sauntered off towards the rivers edge; its jaws dripped human blood and human legs dangled as it disappeared into the river-brush.

Another report showing a woman walking toward a grizzly bear at Yellowstone National Park who then charged her, the National Park Service launched an investigation. The woman appeared to disregard the park rule to stay at least 100 yards from bears at all times. In footage captured by a tourist, filming the scene from her car, Watching the woman walk up to the bear with the intention of taking a photo despite warnings to her that she was too close. The large brown grizzly then charged at her, as she calmly walked away, getting into her car after the incident. Certainly, she was a very lucky person or simply the strangest fool ever seen.

“I saw him and he saw me at the same time, and it was damned scary,” the man said by phone on Wednesday from his hospital bed in Anchorage, a day after being mauled by the bear in a chance encounter. The mauling left him with a crushed jaw, puncture wounds in his scalp so deep that the doctor said he could see bone, lacerations and many stitches after a 4½-hour surgery. He also is wearing a patch over his right eye and says the doctors are worried about him losing it.

It all happened during an encounter he estimated only lasted about 10 seconds. After that the man said he probably startled the bear that Tuesday morning, just off the Richardson Highway, near the small community of Gulkana, about 190 miles (306 kilometers) northeast of Anchorage, Alaska. The bear, which he said was larger than 300-pound (136-kilogram) 'Black Bears"; he had ever seen before, charged and closed the ground between him and his buddy, in a just few swift seconds!

The hospital bound man said that he tried to dodge behind small spruce trees. That didn’t stop the bear. He went through them. The injured man continued, as the bear got closer, the man's friend stated that he held up the pointed end of his surveying pole and pushed it toward the bear to keep it away from him. He said the monstrous bear simply knocked it to the side with a forceful blow, knocking me to the ground.

“As he lunged up on top of me, I grabbed his lower jaw to pull him away while it attempted bitting me,” he said. "That’s how he got a puncture wound in his hand. “But he tossed me aside, and grabbed half of my face.” Man did it ever hurt! The pain was terribly unbearable.

“He took a small bite and then he took a second bite, and the second bite is the one that broke my bones, crushing my right cheek,” he continued explaining. When the bear let go, I turned my face to the ground and put my hands over my head. And then the beast simply turned and walked away. I think the bear left because he no longer perceived us as a threat!"

They both concurred.

“So you’re telling me is all we needed is a ‘C-4’ pack and a couple of whirly-bird yahoos to dispose of this beast, is that right Mr. Agent?” Glenn wasn’t even looking at the man. He was looking at the hole and burn scene while his gazing glances took his focused view to the ledge above. The bomb exploded with a thunderous Earth trembling boom… The flash and whoosh of the after affect caused the gas cloud to evaporate. The heat from the blast cooked the pavement, the rocks, the foliage and trees, the air and everything in a circle of about fifty-five to sixty feet. The blast and burn was a perfect circumference – a perfect and complete circle. Albeit, the blast erupted and expired as planned by the security team, there was no target. It was utterly and completely gone. They couldn’t find anything, not one bone or hair sample. A National Guard chopper swung in over head. It carried a large satchel. The bag contained explosives…C-4 Plastique. The bomb was much like the one used on the ‘MOVE Compound.’ Move harassed and demonized an entire community in West Philadelphia. Prior to Osage Avenue, the city had a running gun battle with MOVE when the organization occupied a house and mini-fort in ‘Powelten Village,’ also in West Philly, not very far from Osage Avenue. A cop was killed and many of the MOVE members went to jail. The authorities blew up and burned an entire neighborhood, killing several men, women, and children in the offensive assault on the building the group occupied on Osage Avenue. The tragic incident occurred under the administration of a very well liked mayor, a few decades ago. The order went out to “Blow His Ass to Smithereens!”

The forest service says it has received reports of increased bear encounters. "Bears are apparently tracking hikers in National Forests and stealing their food, personal gear, and several backpacks. The bears will often stay in the area of the incident for multiple hours, possibly days, depending on availability of food sources. Black and Brown bears are opportunistically looking for food that campers and trail users bring on their trips.”
People who are confronted by bears should try and intimidate the animal by “yelling and waving your arms,” experts say, as well as “using any object available” to fight back. Bears are naturally afraid of humans, bears habituated to human food can begin to associate human scents with the reward of food. Due to this, bears can become a threat to humans, property, and themselves...especially dangerous are the ones who have tasted human blood!”

The Black Bear had been walking with her two cubs atop a fence at a home in Bradbury, east of Los Angeles; in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Footage from the yard showed the family’s four dogs running out to yap at the bears. Although the cubs bolted and mama bear turned to follow, she also began to swipe at the dogs below.

The dog the bear grabbed was in the mouth of the mama bear! "She’s my baby,” Screamed the young woman!

“I go over to the bear. I look it in the eyes...I have to protect the baby!” The 17-year-old California girl was caught on a video recording. She was seen shoving a large bear off her fence after the animal took a swipe at her dogs. "The first thing I think to do is push it! And to be honest, I don’t think I pushed her that hard, I just pushed her enough to make her lose her balance.”
The bear fell off the fence and the young woman grabbed the pup and ran like crazy. "It worked out, but it also could’ve gone badly wrong for all of us!
"Don’t do what I did, you might not have the same outcome - Do not push bears!”

A Brown Bear had been following a female bear around all day, in Yellowstone, and was reported to have charged about 6 cars throughout the day when people blocked the bear's path. Apparently, the sow would cross the road and then people would pull their car up in front of the bear to get photos, blocking the male from reuniting with his girlfriend. Getting between a grizzly and what it wants can be bad news. Even after this bruin charged the ranger, several visitors and photographers were standing along the road, watching the sow leave, despite not knowing where the male had gone.

In recorded video footage, a Park Ranger is surprised by the male bear’s sudden charge and takes cover behind his truck and fires what presumably are rubber bullets at the bear. The bear flees into the forest and is discouraged from reemerging by the ranger, now igniting louder explosive devices. The video footage that surfaced, was showing a Yellowstone National Park Ranger firing projectiles at a grizzly bear after the bruin had charged him as he was outside his vehicle attempting to control traffic.

Philadelphia: A city immersed in its pride of being a diverse unwavering metropolis, possessing enormous bursts of wonderment, appreciation, adventure, and imagination. Fairmount Park, a vast outdoor world of the old and the new... a wilderness of discovery; a fanciful land of activities for the whole family, oriented in friendship - "Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection!" A soulful experience for all who take part in venturing forth, partaking of its wonderful pleasures... offerings of bountiful majesty; gifted to one and all, by 'Mother Nature' and the 'Grace of God!'

"My goodness, Mr. Gregory Boulware, your back cover blurb doesn't prepare us for the interior. Thank you - and your author photo is beautiful also.
Mr Boulware is an excellent storyteller and, with definite twists and turns, this book is not for the faint hearted. Gruesome and grizzly, but at the same time highly readable, at no time does the story fall flat. I had a couple of problems with quote marks/direct speech, but in no way does that detract from a very readable story. Gregory's interview at the end is excellent and gives added insight into the author's abilities."

This town; formerly the fourth-largest city in America; a hot-bed of sports champions and teams...the home of Champion Boxing greats, The Philadelphia Eagles in NFL Football, The 76r's in Basketball, The Philadelphia Wings in Soccer, The Philadelphia Flyers in Hockey, The Phillies in Baseball, The Taney Street Dragons Little League Baseball Team, "Philly's World Champions"; with many other fine sports teams and supporters; a strong and proud city of diverse people, Museums, Art Galleries, Restaurants of Highly Classed Cuisine(s) and Fine Culture; home to "The Rocky Statue and Balboa University." A Philly neighbor to New Jersey; across the river, is separated by the Mighty Delaware River; slicing through Philly, the Energetic and Unrelenting 'Schuylkill' River running through it; hosting many 'Sculls,' and other types of boat "Fairmount Park!"

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"Bear Attacks Sleeping Child in Yellowstone National Park!";_ylt=AwrE19kMh8dgWcIAzA...

Teen sleeping in hammock at 12:30 a.m attacked by large bear in Great Smoky Mountains

Grizzlies are roaming farther and wider. What does that mean for species recovery efforts?

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Bears Keep Stealing Hikers’ Backpacks in NC Mountains. Now Officials Have A Warning

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A camper injured during a bear attack Saturday was rescued after receiving help from a jogger

Teen sleeping in hammock at 12:30 a.m attacked by large bear in Great Smoky Mountains

What to do - and what not to do - if you're attacked by a bear

~ "Amazon's Boulware!" ~

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