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Chp. 10 of 'Fairmount's - "The Willice Samuel Investigations" - “Payback Can Be A Bitch With A 'Loup Garu' In The Hood!” ~


'Fairmount'- Willice Samuel Investigations
Chp. 10 of 'Fairmount's - "The Willice Samuel Investigations"
 ~ “Payback Can Be A Bitch With A 'Loup Garu' In The Hood!” ~
Gregory V. Boulware

"I drempt...I dreamed...I'm dreaming!"

"Am I dreaming? I remember "The Jetsons," "Star Trek," "The Outer Limits," "Outland," "Blade Runner," "Riddick," and a few other Sci-Fi titles passing through my mind. All kinds of things... Should there be such a thing?

I see darkness...cloudiness...images from one room into the next. They seemed to appear and disappear. I remember least is seems so. My family...I see them, and yet, they don't see me! Why is that? Why can't they see me, answer me? Am I calling out to them? I think I am...voices...faces...sounds, familiar and not; fade in and out! What is this place? Where is this place? What the hell am I doing here? How did I get here? Wait a minute...where is here?"

Memories dashed in and out of my mind as I struggled with this indecipherable experience. I began to wonder if I should start to panic. "Shit!" I heard myself say that and I think I felt myself jump! I was, of course, startled. What the fuck was it that startled me? What was it...the thing I thought I saw? Was it a thing? I don't know what the hell it was! I do know, I don't think I'm crazy...I think. It was a hazy, cloudy, whispery, dreamlike, ghostly apparitional being! Apparitional? A being? Why did I think the thing to be a being?
"Hold on a second...I'm not crazy; at least, I don't think I'm crazy. I see a light down there, over there!"

Why are they running away...why run from me?

"Wait a minute, hold on! Why are you running away from me?"

I heard myself shouting out as I began to give chase. The light became brighter and brighter. The cloudiness began to dissipate as did the utter, yet almost complete and ever present darkness. The door...the door to which the woman vanished...did I say woman? Was it a woman I saw? Was it a woman that lead me to this allusive point, this door? I kept running for the door. With every step, it seemed to get farther and farther away. I can't seem to reach it, but reach it I must! Wait...why must I reach it? Why must I pass through this damned unreachable door...why must I pass through? I was a bit curious though; to see what is behind it. I wanted to know...the desire...I must know what is beyond. Why the image of the mysterious woman vanished behind it? I wanted to know...I needed to know...I was driven to know...I must know now!

Finally! It seemed like hours, no...days. It really doesn't matter now...I've reached the damnable unreachable all allusive door! I stood and watched as my hand, my right hand take hold of the knob. I felt a sudden wasn't a breeze from behind the door. It also wasn't coming in from behind or around me either. I felt my hand, my right...turn the door-knob. The breezy rush came from with me...from inside out! The sudden rush of refreshment, a rejuvenation if you will; exaltation, excitement, joyfulness, empowerment...all at once filled me! It filled my soul! The bright and brilliant light nearly brought me to blindness... The opening of the door shined a bright and brilliant light! It filled My filled My Soul...I felt Free! I was FREE!

I saw the door open into brightness. I couldn't see beyond that point. The experience lasted for what could have been a minute or two...I blinked a few times. The persistent blinking seemed to assist my clearing vision. It was as if I was simply arising from a nights slumber; a deep sleep. Was I dreaming again; of all that I've just witnessed...what I thought...what I think I just saw?

The overhead light was annoying. I asked if someone would please turn down the lamp; to focus it away from my face. "Liz," I said. "Would you please take this annoying ass light out of my face, please Babe?"

I heard a low pitched scream. It was the voice of my wife, Elizabeth. The room suddenly became 'all-a-buzz' with activity. My children; I heard them laughing as they always have with their silly childishness...a laugh I'd heard a million times; ever since they were first able to laugh that silly hardy and boisterous happiness filled sibling laughter. There were other recognizable voices in the room as well. And then, there were also those whom I didn't recognize. My vision came into focus...the face; the first face I always look for each and every morning...and the last to see at night; the love of my life, my heart, my soul...'Elizabeth!'
Gareth, Randall, and Teresa were the faces I so desperately sought beyond hers.

As GOD (Yahweh, My Elohim), has wished... He has blessed me with such treasures, such gifts as loving Wife and Children! I did they. I laughed as they did as well. We all praised and thanked Our GOD for this Blessing, over and over again.

Sally came to visit nearly every other day. I don't know where he got the idea that we were buddies. But, I welcomed his company, his companionship. Salestian made it his business to make sure that I was up to snuff and on point to the daily happenings around town.
I was brought up to speed on all the disgustingly political shenanigan continuing as usual. The current...prior administration; has changed hands since I was awake; occupying the "White House" hasn't surprised me any. People are upset, broke, out of work, angry, and most of all hungry. As expected, the politics do and have done nothing to help the people while doing everything to assist and support 'Big (business) Brother,' the rich, and so-called famous. As the world watches, they continue to get richer while the poor remain poor...getting poorer and poorer, thanks to the economic hierarchical structure. Don't they know, without 'Farmers' no one can eat?
As I remembered, before my admittance into the hospital, the protestors grew larger and louder and angrier on a daily basis. I'm not the so-called leader of the nation; excuse me, ex-leader at this point; and his closest clowned cronies, kissing ass and telling lies. It's a terrible shame, whereas, I can't help not feeling sorry for them as well as "agent orange's" supporters. I've been told that more than half a million people have perished due to the ineptness of "the agent's" pathetic leadership. The 'COVID VIRUS' has spread significantly throughout the land, here and abroad...throughout the world as we know it. Who is it that would vote for such a slime as this? I'm happy to know that everyone I know didn't. My ballot will be cast as soon as I get home. Apparently, there were many who did vote for him...we all know who those; what type of folk they are...mostly white folks (and those week-minded, misguided, disillusioned folk of color) who felt and feel threatened by other racial groups, especially Black Men! It seems, they fear a loss of power and prestige...the upper hand...the realization of power they once held over people of color, has finally come to an end!

"Sally, I've noticed in a few of your articles, how my name has been spelled. Several, have my name spelled incorrectly..."Willise" as opposed to "Willice." What's that about?

"Well Cap, some of the copy editors have taken it upon themselves to spell it any way they've wanted. I have taken steps to make corrections. Albeit, I won't be able to correct every single posting that exists with your misspelled moniker appearing. By-the-by, with all the world donning 'face-masks,' I do believe Elizabeth has a special surprise for you tonight...and no. I don't mean to imply anything dealing with the pleasures of the bedroom."

Sally and Willice shared a big smile between them. "Besides, there's no way you'd be able to hold up anyway." At that point, Liz walked into the room.
"It's truly amazing how Salestian always entertains a positive outlook. Although it's none of his business as to what happens in our bedroom. He's absolutely right. There's no way you'd be able to hold up with what I have planned for you, once you've healed up." Liz and Willice shared a great big sensuous grin and a wink.

"And what would that be my dear? responded Willice.

"You'll have to wait and see...after your doctor says that you're well enough." She returned a sensuously, yet very sexy smile to her beloved husband. "However, in the meantime, the surprise to which Mr. Michaels was referring is this!" Elizabeth stepped aside, backing out of the way of the doorway of the hospital room. Out of the corridor, a tall muscular frame walked in. He wore the biggest grin ever seen or witnessed by a missed and missing friend...a brother!

"Well, don't you think it's time you've gotten your ass up and out of that senior-citizen's bed? They need that bed for folks who are worthy of it. Don't you know those things are meant for 'old folks' and invalids?" The Ranger was wearing a broad blue face-mask, covering the bottom half of his boisterous yet boyish mug, and a gown over his 'Buck-Skinned' attire and moccasin adorned feet. The bed-ridden cop knew immediately who it was...he knew it was his long-lost friend; his adopted kinsman - it took every fibre of his being to contain himself - all of his energy with the addition of his adult children restraining him from jumping out of the bed. In walked the National Forest Chief and Commandant of Northern American Park Rangers, 'Gerald Glenn!'

The two men teared as they bear-hugged one another. Willice didn't give a care as the pain of his injury caused him to wince and grimace from their more than warm embrace. 


~"Without Fools, There Would Be No Wisdom!"~
(Tibetan priest/Werewolf of London)

Law I:
"A Robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm."

Law II:
"A Robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the first law."

Law III:
"A Robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first of second law."
~I. Asimov/Dr. Lansing~

"I Possess A Life-Spark, So Therefore, I Live!"

...'The First Day Back At Work' - "Loup Garu - Pay Back Is A Bitch!"

The Sergeant met the Captain at his front door. He had been there before the Sun arose. The Captain was not very much surprised. He knew his Sergeant would be there; "Johnnie-On-The-Spot." He was very much aware of his dedication and tardiness.
Willice was not fully dressed when he rushed downstairs to open the door, greeting Warren for the first time since arriving to the emergency ward of the hospital. A slight smile was upon the face of Warren.

It's challenger was one of a frown.

The Sergeant stepped into the eyes of the other...they starred on a moment the felt like forever. Emotion belonging to one of them naturally came into play. However, before his voice arrived to make a sound, the Sergeant said, "I'd think, the last face you'd wish to see would be mine. It's the reason for not visiting you at the hospital."

"You are so very wrong, my friend," replied Willice. "Yeah, I was a bit surprised. I was also annoyed and insulted that you didn't have the decency to let me in on the secret as well. I've trusted you with my life and reputation...I felt that we were just as much friends as we were colleagues, in spite of the subordinate difference."

"Captain Samuel, I was under orders. I was directed to keep you and many others from knowing. To this day, no one knows that you are aware of my cyber-kinetic make-up...and should we continue working together, I'd like to; with your permission sir; keep it that way!"

"Haven't you already violated one of the "Three Laws" by telling me about you, dis-obeying a direct order?"

"I have not Sir. You have discovered the secret on your own, without me disclosing any information at all. You've seen what lies below my skin when we were shot by the unknown gun-man."

"Yes Warren. You are correct. Yes Warren, absolutely. We can and will keep this between us."

"The only other person who knows is the doctor who treated you at the for Strangely, I haven't been able to locate him. I wanted to get his feedback on where he stands regarding this knowledge and what he possibly could and would do with such?"

Sergeant Warren looked Willice squarely in the eyes as he continued speaking. "Captain, I'm sure you're well aware of what protocols are for me as it pertains to humans, yes? The three rule law dates way back before my time. They...we were called robots then."

The Captain responded, "So...what are you - they called or identified as now, if you were then called robots?"

"Some like to be identified as cyber-kinetics, humanoid, or cyborgs...I, on the other hand, am and prefer to be noted as 'A Living Entity' - 'A Cyber-Being' - or 'Human-Lifeform!"

"Okay, enough said...maybe, we won't have to speak of this again, at least in the near future. I will respect your way of life as long as you and I never experience a compromising circumstance ever again, Warren. Never lie to me again or keep any secrets that would possibly divide us. Just one thing, what are your physical, mobile abilities...what the hell are you capable of...shit, I didn't mean to...I mean, what the hell can you do or can't do? What's your weaknesses, 'Kryptonite, Magnets, Rust...What?"

Sergeant Warren Jenkins smiled. "None of those Captain. And not many weaknesses that I am aware of...Let us say that we have the advantage over many things and over many situations that may occur, as well."

The Captain smiled and replied, "That's very reassuring Warren. A walking, talking computer, for a sidekick, a partner huh?"

"Captain, there are a great deal of occurrences that have transpired since your long sleep, I must bring you up to speed as well as update you on our previous investigations as well, Sir."

"Kool, Let's get back to work, my friend."

Willice peered through the boxes and file folders placed upon his desk. He thought, "Shit, what a boat-load of crap to wade through!"

Warren was deep into his analysis as well. "Chasey hasn't been seen for quite some time...word on the street has us that he and 'Raphael Koheaven' are at odds with one another. The Don is not too happy with him either. The young bull seeks to claim and fuck the whole herd, while the old bull seeks to hold on to what he believes is his...anything and everything needs to ask his permission for the things one wants or desires. The 'Throne of the Dynasty' is not on the table! Chasey seeks to become the "New Don!"

Warren continued to enlighten the long slept captain, "Trappolli continues to ride herd over Koheaven's minions...keeping them in check and the dough rolling in."

"What's up with the missing broad, 'Stevie Cliff,' aka, 'Sarah Milford?" Willis asked.

"Nothing...still missing." Warren answered. "Aveno Michaelangelo is tight-lipped about her whereabouts...there's a contract out on her, so they say."

"And that motherfucker who shot up all those kids?"

"Cruz remains in the lock-up, waiting trial." said Warren. "The Germantown Rapist is still crawling and slithering around...the captain who resides in the Roxborough area has been working the case."

Willice snapped his fingers and asked, "Damn, what's his name? I remember seeing him on Television. I met him once in an Asian Take-Out and Dine-In joint in the 'Andorra Shopping Mall,' a popular shopping Strip Mall on the outskirts of Roxborough." He remembered. "Nice guy. I think he was re-assigned to assault and robbery from homicide...I think it was due to lack of case closures."

The two detectives continued opening evidence boxes and case file folders, re-reviewing notes, photos, and other evidentiary materials.

"Who was the partner in that "skin-job" case, I think it was a female officer, right?"

"Yes Captain...she's still in hiding. No one knows where she is. The 'Jamaican' gang is also reported to still be on the hunt, seeking her out for a killing-contract."

"Damn, a couple of cops dead, a hit on a captain of detectives, and there's not a great big stink about it...not in the paper's for more than a couple of days, according to the 'Sun.' Something's rotten in Denmark by way of Philly, Sergeant mine!"

The two men gazed upon one another and then back at the files, maps, and diagrams cluttering the table pertaining to the open cases.

"You know Warren, Salestian Michaels; as much as I can't stand him; has proven to be a rather useful and almost invaluable asset to out arsenal of information. I think it may not be such a bad idea in bringing him along for the ride, on this trek of ours." The captain starred off and then gazed in the sergeants direction.

"Yes Captain Willis, I do think it a wise decision, a very good idea." Warren concurred. "He very well may have stumbled onto something with his regarding the 'Kelpian' question. This thing of holding Sabbats, has had its share of secrets in Fairmount Park - especially in that section of town...a very well secluded and isolated area of less traveled or usually non-trailed parkland. This type of area has been naturally un-traveled for a host of reasons, bees, spiders, thorny brush, poison ivy, and thick or dense thickets, etc.

"Every time I think of isolated and secluded spots in the park, those damned bears come back to haunt me!" The captain said, sharing his horrified remembrance of the monster bruins. He was also thinking of the "She-Devil" and her den of tortured souls.
"Sergeant Warren, I hear there's been a plethora of cop shootings and "Black-Op" crimes or operations happening all over, condoned and supported by the "Powers That Be" / "The Establishment!" Liz and the children have brought me up to speed on the "George Floyd" incident as well as the "Black Lives Matter Movement." I am relieved to know the Jury's decision was just, correct, and wise. Albeit, I cannot help but wonder about what is to come...what's coming next with these nazi's, skinheads, and kluxer's? These racist white-folk don't like to be wrong. When the jury (and the court) voted against them back-in-the-day, they lost their case and their land to a Black Woman - they sure as hell, don't cotton to that shit boy; they don't like losin to no Black Folk or the Government for that matter...Kluxers have learned that lesson. They've become a bit smarter, a bit wiser by making it possible to place their members in high places of government...the courts and police departments as well. That's a heaven that has been extremely occupied by its members...from the deep south of the country to the far northern regions of the United States of America.

Willis laughed aloud and then became completely stoic.
"We've also got to find, at least find out, what has happened to those missing children!"

Warren asked, "Where do we stand with this mess in East Falls, Captain?"

"For now Sergeant, it's got to take care of itself...we can work on those folks at a later date. They'll have to heal themselves...hopefully."

While on patrol, simply riding around sorting out who, what, and where they were heading; and in the course of interviewing witnesses, an alarm went out for an indecent assault in the 'Tacony' section of Philadelphia. Over the course of prosecutorial and procedural time, the eighty-three year old man had been arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced in this course of action. The man was charged with the sexual assault of a nine-year-old-child! He was identified by the child along with artifacts of evidentiary guilt. The man said that he hadn't known why he acted in such a way...he'd never done anything of this nature in his life. He said, "something/someone instructed him to act upon and complete the atrocious act.

Within the same week, another call perpetuated the air-waves of police calls.

A nine-teen year old Willow Grove man was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide in connection to a car crash that killed two people; on Grant Avenue in the northeast section of Philadelphia. The man fled the scene and the next day turned himself into police custody. The man walked into the 15th district to face charges in the two-car crash, just west of Bustleton Avenue. Police said that the man was driving at a high rate of speed somewhere near 10:30 p.m., when he lost control of the Honda. The car crossed over the median into the eastbound lanes of Grant Avenue. The head-on collision caused a two-car rotation, throwing the occupants of the other car into the street after impact.
The man was charged with two counts of homicide by vehicle, homicide by vehicle while DUI, aggravated assault involving death with no drivers license, endangering another person, reckless driving and operating a vehicle while underage DUI. He claimed that he didn't want to drink and drive, someone or something forced him to do what he did. He doesn't know why or who made him do it.

Another case unfolded in the 'Fox-Chase' area of Philly. The Montgomery County District Attorney and Abington Township Police has arrested the eighteen-year old on first-and third degree murder charges for the murder and assault of his girl-friend; 18 yrs. of age; of Abington Township. Both were recent graduates of "Nazareth Academy High School." The attack, as reported occurred at the train station in Meadowbrook. The young woman was found lying in a pool of blood near her car at the train station. Witnesses say that she had gone to the station to meet her ex-boyfriend. They were talking of getting back together and possible marriage down the road. The boy, a recent graduate of "Roman Catholic High School," was charged with first-degree murder. They found him at his home sitting on the couch, still wearing the clothing that he'd worn during the attack. The autopsy revealed that the young woman had been stabbed more than thirty (30) times, causing her death.
Everyone chalked it up to another case of "Domestic Violence" at the preliminary hearing. "What a shame for these two young people!" a witness said. The young man said that he didn't know why he'd committed such a heinous crime..."I loved her!" he shouted. "Why would I do such a thing as this, I couldn't have done this!" he continued to plead his innocence as they lead him away in chains and handcuffs.

"Sergeant, do you feel that something is terribly wrong with these cases? I can't shake the feeling that something else is happening here and I don't know what or why! We must find out why these crimes are happening. We already know why there are so many shootings and failures at he management level as well as the street...too many damned guns, illegal or not! This danger that lurks, is more than meets the eye. I can't stop wondering if these crimes are connected to the "Hushmanzata Case" (“By The Light Of The Silvery Moon” - “My name is ‘Eduardo Tirilius Williams Hushmanzata” - "Howl of An Angel") of were-wolfery and demagoguery. We shall soon see. We shall get to the bottom of this shit...or my name ain't "Samuel Willis, Captain of Philadelphia Detectives!"

Til Next Time... 

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Comment by Gregory V. Boulware on July 19, 2021 at 10:46am
Comment by Gregory V. Boulware on July 19, 2021 at 10:45am

~"Without Fools, There Would Be No Wisdom!"~

'Fairmount'- Willice Samuel Investigations
Chp. 10 of 'Fairmount's - "The Willice Samuel Investigations"
Pt. 10: ~ “Payback Can Be A Bitch With A 'Loup Garu' In The Hood!” ~
Gregory V. Boulware
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