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How many here have a book, or books, in a public library?

Just checking to see how many have their books in public libraries.

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I have copies of my book, Two Princesses in several local libraries.

Kevin Noa
It makes you feel proud, and it should. Congrats!

I have just submitted one in my community library Entitled "Love In Color"
Also, considering to submit one at Community college library.
Feon - congrats. Best of luck. I'm sure they'll be glad to get it.

My own local public library hasn't accepted my book, yet, though it was donated, apparently on the theory that I'm a local but not really an "author" (PublishAmerica appears often to be thought illegitimate). But the University of Kansas shelved it very quickly, as did the Luther Seminary library in St. Paul, MN and the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. (Yes, my book pertains to Christian theology).
I have our book in our public library system.

This is important becasue they will assign you a dewie decimal number.

this is a good way to reach communities

this leads into book readings etc.
Good point!

Libraries are a great way to meet people. Usually the PR person is pleased to have people volunteer (especially local authors) to do a Book Reading or Poetry Reading event or give a talk on your book. I have found libraries a great way to promote my books and newspaper column. What does local mean? To me, it can be a 300 mile radius / local = statewide. Why not? Hope this is helpful.

If you have time enjoy my column:
My book is in my town's public library because I donated a copy. The library was helpful in setting up a book signing and speaking engagement for me during a local festival.

My book is also in another public library in a town near where I grew up.
Marie, that is something you can be very proud of. Your thoughts and words will last for a very long time.

I'm grateful to say that all of my titles are in various public and university libraries around the world.


Writing Community
That is wonderful! You are so very fortunate.



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