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Hi Everyone:
What books have you written and what are they about ?


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My books and booklets, I have written are mostly inspirational poetry books. However, I have written this one book which was unexpected, about my life spiritual connect encountering Dreams, visions, even through all the traumatic disadvantages of my life. All are available printed and E-book excluding the Upcoming books.

©In Flight To The Arms of God
©In God's Hands
©By The Hands of God
©His Words Through my Spirit
©Love In Color
©Changing Spirit

Upcoming books

©The Lord Showed Me Where He Brought Me From
©My Diary of Prayer Poems

Web link:
Making Soap In Your Own Kitchen is a comprehensive guide to making soap from scratch, designed for beginners. It is available in ebook format here. I am now considering modifying it and releasing the second edition.
I've written a suspense thriller/romance about a double kidnapping on Gabriola Island in B.C.. Fiction, of course and a great read. Robyn Whyte, Police Issue.

I've published these novels:

The Governor's Wife by Kate Rizor (Contemporary Romance)

Bitter Tastes by V.B. Rosendahl (Juvenile Suspense)--kind of like Nancy Drew but with enough in depth of character that it surprises.

The Wizard's Daughter by Victoria Graydale, a Texan. This is a Medieval Romance.
my wife and I have written a romantic cookbook for two with instructional DVD
this book show how easy it is to have a romantic dinner experience in the comfort of your own home.
this book show partners how to keep the passion burning orhow to re-connect with each other.

check it out

chef robert

Hi Robert....

This sounds like a great idea....A new twist that will sell
like crazy...I wish you great luck with your book & video.

I am in the process of writing a book for children about Turkey. It is amazing, but there are very few books in English for children about this wonderful country!
Hello Joe--The best way for me to answer that question is to invite you click on the link below.

Writing Community
My first book, Jason's Giant Dilemma: A Storybook Land Adventure, came out this spring. It is a children's chapter book that takes place in a park in my town that features well-known storybook characters. Jason, the main character, is a fifth-grade boy who gets accidentally left behind in the park after a school field trip. He has to spend the night in the park and has a very exciting adventure when the characters in the park come to life. For more info. see my website:

I may write a sequel to this, but right now I'm working on another children's book. It is a historical fiction piece called The Dandelion Conspiracy.
Hi Joe , My first novel called The Spoils of Angel's War starts in England about the time of the Battle of Britain . The main character is a young Cockney woman called Angel who rises from her humbble beginnings to become one of the most famous and most loved women of the war years . I have writen three more novels in the series so far unpublished . I recently took on the challange from my grandkids to write a childrens book and had a ball doing it . Its called
The Deliciously Delightful Daredevil Deeds of Chubby Wilf and the Badger
The grandkids love it , will it ever get published ? I dont really care , they are featured in the story and the look on their faces was all the reward I need .
I have written a book titled Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition. It defines integrity and discusses the characteristics. It creates a common set of criteria from which we can measure integrity in others and ourself. The criteria is then applied to various segments of society such as the news, politics and education among others. If we are to compare the integrity of others we must have a common set of criteria and my book provides this necessity.
I've written a book that some say is historical fiction because of the time era but I say that is the only reason why it should be genred as that. Its set in the year 1813 but I don't get deep into history like most hf's do. (With the exception of some talk of the war of 1812 and its effects) To me its more of a family saga because the main character dissappears mid book and her family and friends begin to shine and become memorable characters themselfs afterward. It was risky, I know, but the way the story had to be told.

I've just started selling it about a month ago so I don't have a lot of sales or signings yet to speak of but its now available to Search Inside on Amazon. I'm going away this weekend but after my mini vacation I'm going to get deeper into promoting it.
Hi Joe,

Thanks for asking.

I have written two books, one a hardcopy book and the other an e-book.

The hardcopy book is titled: Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up: NLP and Common Sense for Coaches, Managers and You. This is available from ISBN 978-1412047098

The e-book, which was just published, is titled: Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up: 5 Step Action Plan. This is available at Since my book was just released, I am offering a special price of $5.47 instead of $9.47, which is only available at this page

Best wishes for success to everyone.



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