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Writers With A Message


Writers With A Message

If you are an author that writes with a message and want to share your vision and issues with others of a like mind, please join this group.

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Comment by Mrs. Angeline Bandon-Bibum on June 10, 2008 at 8:54pm
Hello Writers With A Message,
I look forward to sharing a part of my vision as a writer. My novel is entitled Sojourner's Dream. It is the story of two ambitions individuals from two different walks of life. One of them is a young lawyer from Rwanda, who is of royal descent. The story takes place during the 1990s, during the time leading up to and during the Rwandan genocide.
Comment by Allen Ketchersid on May 23, 2008 at 5:07am
I have been promoting my Christian books and publishing services through Ad Surf Daily as an marketing experiment for about a month now. It is an ad surfing co-op enterprise. I have generated 1200 visits to my sites and obtained one solid prospect contact (for publishing services). I started with a free membership which allows you to promote one web site for 10 days. I then bought $50 in ad packages, which qualifies you to promote 3 web sites (or one site three times as much). In one month's time I have received $15.61 cash back in rebates on that $50 ad purchase and will continue to receive rebates until I get 125% of my purchase price back (looks like that will take 3-4 months). By that time I will have generated 4-5 thousand hits to my sites and have my ad money back (plus 25%). I would be interested to know if anyone else is promoting books or publishing through ASD or any other such system. If you want to experiment with it, you can go to
Comment by Bruce Morse on May 4, 2008 at 9:57am
Hello. My name is Bruce Morse and I have published a memoir
called Forgive Myself with Authorhouse that is also available at Amazon. com and Barnes&
My book is the painful, frequently funny, but always candid story of my journey through severe emotional problems variously diagnosed as schizophrenia and manic depression. It is also a chronicle of the life of an artist (poet, songwriter, photographer and painter) living through the cultural revolution of the 60s.
In addition it recounts the life altering challenge of coping with the loss of a son which opened up the unhealed wounds of childhood and offered an emotional and spiritual rebirth leading to a deeper connection with my humanity.
It is an intimate look into one man’s struggle towards sexual identity, self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.
Comment by Peter Nennhaus on April 9, 2008 at 9:47am
Hi, I am Peter Nennhaus. Is anyone interested in the problem of the Middle East? I published a book called "Quo Vadis, Israel?". Quo vadis means, where are you going? and is used to indicate a question into an uncertain future. Based on pretty convincing reasons I'm convinced peace will never occur between Israel and Palestine and worse than that, in 100 years the State of Israel will have more Arabs than Jews. There exists a small possibility than a territory in Europe could be bought from Russia, that would make a much better homeland for the Jews than the Holy Land. It sounds like an absurd idea, to transplant Israel to the Baltic area, but I did a bit of research and found it's quite feasible, affordable, and immensely beneficial for all concerned. If anybody is concerned about this, let me know, so I can tell you more. Of course, you can look it up on where you find summaries and reviews.
Comment by Crystal Mullings on April 3, 2008 at 6:29pm
Hello Members, I am new to this group. My book No Politickin On The Job was just released to retailers through Author House Publishing. My book examines the effects of on the job gossip and harassment. I am hoping to bring forth a strong awareness of what can happen when this occurs. On the job harassment is a situation that Administrators usually cringe at and brush off. I want people to be able to think about the effects that their tongues may hold on another as well as their self portrayal.
Comment by Joseph Langen on April 3, 2008 at 7:07am
Hi All,
I am brand new with the network and with this group. I wrote for a while before I realized I had a message as a theme for my writing. I have written an inspirational book based on my newspaper columns, a memoir about my nine years in the seminary and monastery and a novel about a priest seeking redemption after his abusive behavior was discovered. I am completing a novel about a troubled marriage, Marital Property. I recently came to the realization that my message was that people need to look at themselves and the impact of their lives on others to make a better world. I plan to continue with this theme in my next book, Commonsense Wisdom for Teens. Glad to have a community of writers to talk about writing.
Comment by wizthom on March 31, 2008 at 5:37pm
anger destroys the soul,
anger will make you old,
anger will make you bitter,
anger will make you weaker,

i know sometimes ,
it can be hard to keep a positive state of mind,
with human nature messing with it all the time,

there's some place you can go,
where angers face can not show,
just leave those negatives behind,
including false friends that you find,

surround yourself with those you can love,
dwell among angels,
leave those demons alone,
their only purpose is to cause you harm,

share with you their grief,
served on a platter of misery,bonna pre-teak,
you must beware of the company you keep,
heed these things that i say,
live to love,not to hate ,

if your friends always bring you down,
then those friends you don't need hanging around,
realize some people are giving to being processed,
their only purpose in life,
is to drain you of your happiness,

i know sometimes it can be hard,
letting go of someone ,
who meant so much to your heart,
but sometimes it's best that way ,
to keep from being torn apart,

your mental, health,and spiritual state,
you must always protect,
realize you can't save a drowning person,
who wont let go of a sinking chain,

all you will get for your effort,
is pain more of the same,
don't get me wrong ,
I'm not telling you to turn your heart to stone,

i 'm only saying,
some times it best to leave well enough alone,
it's good to pity the fool,
but it's bad when one leads you,
don't be like the road that leads to hell,
paved with good intentions,

when the sign says wrong way,
why don't you pay attention,
anger don't water the seed,
anger just let it be,
treat it as something ,
you don't wanna see,

or a place you rather not be,
never carry anger with you ,
like fire it will consume you,

make you bitter,make you spiteful,
make you resentful,so dog-gone hateful
anger will make life so unmerciful,
anger Na! it's just not good company,

surround yourself with positivity,
think the best never the worst,
and your way you will always see,
that anger is not what you need,

human nature
did you know that the devil created,
humane nature,the blinders that excuse us for the wrongs we do,
we tend to blame it on human nature,
instead of saying i was under the devils influence,

yea blame human nature ,
that beast that dwells in all of us,
we must learn to control,
there's a battle raging on
between good and evil,

love or hate
who's gonna win the war,
for the sake of your soul,
let it be love,

for life is just a latter,
the choice is yours,
to claim up or down,
beware of the anger ,
the deceit,that goes around,

things that clouds your mind,
things that make you frown,
i know it's only human nature,
to feel these things,

but you must prove to be stronger,
cause no peace nor joy do they ever bring,
learn to forgive so that you may move on,

listen to what i am telling you,
contrary to rumors,
human nature does not rule peacec wisemanspeeks copyrightso8 wizthom

Comment by Jeremy Smiley on March 24, 2008 at 8:47pm
"Never Regret Anything That Has Ever Made You Smile"

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