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Alana woods's Blog – February 2013 Archive (4)

Your Book Must Get through Publishers to be Popular

It is not an easy job to find book publisher for your new creation. Once you find one, convincing him to publish your book is even more tasking. Book and magazine publishers spend a lot of their time buying a book copy. You may get your book published through stringers to save all these hassles. You may visit online in order to accelerate your publisher search.

Book publishers comprise one-sixth of the total…


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Literary Agents are Indispensable in a Tough Book Industry

The distance between writing a book and getting it read by someone is huge. There are a number of intermediaries, each posing a hurdle that needs to be crossed with tact and skill to finally get your name listed in the authors of the world.  Apart from producing quality content, you need to have an extended network of quality people, which includes book publishers, literary agents, distributors, theatrical producers, and film producers.…


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Are You a Diabetic? Don’t Worry; Relish Meals with Your Family

Diabetes is currently the most common metabolic disease that is haunting human population and is ever increasing in numbers. Every year, a large number of people are added to the list of diabetics. Experts attribute this to poor eating habits and bad lifestyle. Though type 1 diabetes is a genetic disease, type 2 diabetes is a result of our poor food choices and inactive lifestyle.

Junk food is what is on our minds and platter nowadays. Even our choice of juices is very unhealthy. We…


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Looking Forward to Represent an Author of the Next Bestseller

Are you an agent who is searching for an author who has just finished a book and has an eye-catching title? Are you a publisher who wishes to publish the next bestseller from his patron author?

If you are suffering from dearth of good book authors whose books you can publish, do not worry. You may not realize it, but the number of new authors added every year is enormous.

You may wonder whether you can risk publishing a book of an author who is completely new to book-writing or…


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