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Alana woods's Blog – March 2013 Archive (4)

The 2 Biggest Reasons to Self Publish Your Novel —From a Writer's Perspective

As a both a full time and a just-for-a-hobby writer, I find the entire of concept of self publishing most intriguing. I wouldn't say I'm the kind of writer that can stay committed to writing a novel for a year or more. I'm the type that's quite happy churning out several blogs and magazine content every day, while adding precious paragraphs to a novel I've been trying to write for a year whenever I feel the…


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Haven’t You Gone the Ebook Way Yet?

Which book did you read lately? ‘Is it a paperback or a hardback?,’ is the question you usually ask. But, this trend is outdated. Most people prefer reading an ebook nowadays.

Though the era of actual books hasn’t died out completely and will never do so, ebooks have gained much prominence in people’s lives today. Ebooks are electronic (usually word or PDF) versions of actual paper books. The content is the same. The look is the same, but the feel is different. You don’t have to turn…


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Get Noticed as an Author; Choose the Best Book Marketing Tactic

Book fairs are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. International book fairs are no lesser affairs than a star-studded Hollywood celebrity event. Books are certainly a loved possession of the intellectuals.

Though with quick advancement in technology, people are now getting more and more hooked to gadgets, never think that the craze of books has died out. Never think of books as a secondary interest of people nowadays. It’s just that people’s interest in the type of books have…


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Literary Agent Search Made Easy With Online Directories!

Literary agents have a substantial role to play in the book industry. You won’t find a book agent idle-either he would be searching for an author or a publisher.  They need to have a handy list of both parties so that they can play their role in helping the book to get published finally. If you are a new author and a rather depressed one thinking that you have no takers for your new venture, don’t worry. There are plenty of…


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